About Us
We have been in business since 1992 and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to help our customers feel they are getting a great service.
We have grown alot in the past 10 years as far as adding new service options to our customers. We are now able to provide containers to our customers that have nothing to put the trash in at no exra charge.
Recycling is a growning demand in Blount County so we added a recycling option for our customers if they choose to go green. We can recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, and tin metals. We hope in th near future that Spectra will start processing Glass, but for now they dont take it.
We also try to offer a variety of payment options to our customers such as Visa ,Mastercard ,Discover, Money Order, Check, and Cash. We are currenty working on changing card merchants so we can make it possible for customers to pay online and recieve Bill By Email.
We work everyday to make our business more reliable and convenient to the cutomer.
If you would like us to answer any questions you my have about our business please do not hesitate to visit our contact page and someone will answer them for you.
Thank you for visiting our website and Keep Bount Beautiful.